Monday, November 8, 2010

The Day Trip to Savannah

While vacationing at Hilton Head Island, I decided to drive to Savannah which was about only about 45 minutes away. I selected a trolley ride to get a quick look at the city. When you bought a ticket, it was good for the entire day. You can get on or off at several stops or simply keep riding it all day. I chose to get off at the Riverwalk. Most of the pictures I took was in this area.

This shot was of a hotel on an island across from the riverwalk. I don't remember the name of the hotel but it was one I had considered when I thought I might stay in Savannah. It was clear in the description of the hotel that you would have to drive over the bridge or take a ferry to get to it. It's huge but I imagine quite lovely.

This little market is where I bought souvenirs (is that spelled correctly?).

Now in spite of the fact that I rode the trolley around Savannah twice, I didn't get any pictures of the beautiful squares (there are 23, I believe) nor much of the other sites. However, as we were passing Paula Deen's restaurant I attempted to get a shot. Alas, Ladies and Sons is smaller than I thought and this picture doesn't do it justice. She has her own store next to but right before the restaurant. I didn't eat there; I wasn't in the mood to stand in long lines. You can see the trolley in the reflection off the window.

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Danielle said...

I had to look it up but yes, you did spell souvenirs correctly. You really shouldn't doubt yourself, Ms. Spelling Bee Champ of the 7th grade!