Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ms. Fix-It

I attended a Ms. Fix-it Fair today and it was awesome. It was held at Bluegrass Community & Technical College from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm today (April 24, 2010). Wow!! I'll just tell you up front that we can do what the guys do in so many circumstances. One vendor I met there was Tomboy Tools. All the tools had pink handles; the first thing the woman said was, "they (men) won't take these tools from you." Michelle Bernard offers all kinds of tools for ladies and even has in-home parties. How cool is that? Now that's a party I'd attend. And yes, I am entertaining the idea of hosting one.

I attended:
Simple Electrical Repairs
Granny's Home Remedies
Measure and Install Blinds
Caulking Tile and Tips
Introduction to Doors and Hardware
Home Repair Basics

Granny's Home Remedies gave a lot of home cleaning and yard ideas that use natural solutions. One idea that none of us believed involved keeping flying insects out of your house. Hang a plastic baggie filled with water near your doorway. I know! What???

It's tough to pick a favorite so I'll just say that the doors and hardware one was a little above my pay-grade but the other ladies asked some in-depth questions, so even that session was worthwhile. And I learned one small thing about the "floor-plate" that I didn't even know existed.

There were lots of give-aways and door prizes. My sister won one. Darn. Since I was the second person to arrive, I think my name was too far to the bottom of the jar.
The hit among the give-aways was a caulking gun; you would have thought the jam-packed room of women had received a bouquet of flowers or a new pair of shoes.

I also got a ruler, measuring tape (the retractable type), tools apron, a see-through ruler and lots of tips.

This fair was the fourth one held, so if you get the chance you must attend.