Saturday, August 28, 2010

Memory is a Good Thing

A good friend of mine died this week. Whenever I thought of her this week, I smiled. She was a lot of fun. She was a blessing to me and my family. Today was her memorial. Late yesterday afternoon, one of her daughters asked me to speak; I was relunctant to do so. What on earth could I say that would do justice to her memory? Well, God is good. Some things came to me, I said them and I believe (especially after feedback) that I said all the right things.
We are blessed to have a memory because through memories the dead live on. I will miss my friend but she is still alive in me.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Slowest Loser, Week 3

Okay. Wahoo! I lost 2.6 pounds this week. Hmmm. What I instantly felt was awe and wonder. How did I lose 2.6 this week but only 1 last week? I ate more of my allotted points this week and exercised one less day. I don't know the reason for the success but I'm just going to keep going. I am thankful.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week's Menu

I made roasted red pepper hummus yesterday, sort of the traditional way with tahini and chickpeas. This is a go-to afternoon snack for me, alternated with Laughing Cow low-fat cheese wedges with crackers or crudite.  I skipped the extra oil and garlic ( more by mistake) and substituted lime for lemon juice. I added my favorite new spice - smoked paprika (I'm in love). Today I made smoked turkey tenderloin ( marinated in vinegar, smoked paprika and poultry seasoning), pickled beets from my garden and brown rice. I was thrown off by a forgotten lunch meeting after church and an overly busy Saturday. So I have to cook something else tomorrow to last me through the week. Preparation is definitely key to success in weight loss.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Reality Bites

I examined the photos of the last post and realized what some overweight people deal with  - a warped view of reality. I didn't think of myself as fat; I didn't see the rolls of back fat between my upper arms and shoulders. Wow! I am amazed at the level of self-deception.

The Slowest Loser, Week 2

I lost 1 lb. this week. That's to be expected for the second week, even though I really should be weighing on Sunday since that's when I started this diet. Anyway, I also thought it would be good to snap a few "before" pictures to encourage me along the way and to cement in my mind where I do not want to return. All in all, I feel good about my progress.
I apologize for the orientation of the photos; I don't know how to rotate them.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Weight-loss Countdown

Okay, mea culpa. I started this blog because I was going to share random thoughts and pearls of wisdom with you, but alas, it seems I don't have much to say unless you make the mistake of asking me a question. I keep telling myself to repent to little avail. I am once again promising to do better.

Toward that end I am exposing some very personal information. For those of you old enough to remember, Clairol used to have a commercial with a tag line of "Only her hairdresser knows for sure," referring to hair dye. When it comes to my weight, only my doctor knows for sure, well, up to now. Now you and my Weight Watcher staff will know as well.

I weighed in last Saturday, July 31st. My weight was.....wait for it, wait...218.6 - that's pounds not ounces. In December 2002, when I weighed in I weighed 222. I obtained Lifetimer status in April 2004 after losing over 50 pounds. So in 6 years I have regained nearly every one of those hard-earned lost pounds.

I have a co-worker who has done so well with weight-loss lately that it encouraged me to get back up on the horse. But this time I am sharing my journey with you. Every loss and perhaps every gain.

So today, I weighed in and have lost 3.4 lbs. my first week. That's not as good as I expected for the first week, but, hey, I'll take it. Perhaps, zumba classes and aqua fitness helped.

Anyway, I am going to be here at least once a week. I promise. This is more for me than you, I suspect. But if this helps someone, pass it on. Stay with me. I need you.