Friday, October 29, 2010

Vacation 2010, part deux

First of all, I am correcting an item from yesterday's post. The name of the public beach was Coligny Beach; at least I knew the name began with a "c".

Today's pics are of the sights at my hotel. These first two are of the pools at Hilton Head Marriott Resort and Spa. I'm told the water was cold and I had forgot my goggles, so I didn't get in. What a waste? Right?

These views are from my balcony. Lovely!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vacation 2010

As my fans know, I visited Hilton Head Island recently. Today, I am posting pics from two beaches there. I think the first one was Codicyl Beach. It's a public beach located near a shopping tourist trap-type of place. It was very pretty and well-kept.

This second beach is what I'm calling the Lighthouse Beach but it's in the Sea Pines area. You had to pay a $5.00 entry fee to drive into the area. I'm told because it was a private residential area. There was a marina and once again, some shops willing to accept the tourist's money. (They didn't get another dime from me!! Not a surprise to my fans.)

 I'll post some more pics soon. Thanks for visiting.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weight-loss Update

My apologies to my fan(s) but I've been preparing to go on a vacation trip, driving to Florida and Hilton Head Island and back, and then recovering, unpacking, de-bugging the car, etc. I just haven't had time to write. Anyway, I weighed in on Saturday and discovered I lost 1.4 pounds during my vacation. I assure you, I did not weigh, measure, count points or intentionally exercise. I think, however, that I end up being more active on vacation and I don't eat by the clock. I eat when I get hungry but very little when I'm driving; food plus driving equals drowsiness. Not a good combination driving the curves of Tennesee and North Carolina.

I'll post some pictures of my trip shortly.

Oh, my total weight loss thus far is 13.6. Slow but steady.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

World Equestrian Games

Lexington hosted the WEG this year. I think this was the first time the games were held in the U.S. This city has been gearing up and gussying up for about two years. Streets were "remodeled" and replanted, the Kentucky Horse Park had a new indoor arena built and of course, businesses and hotels prepared to be overwhelmed. Well, we weren't overwhelmed but it has been interesting.

I was fortunate to get two tickets and chose to go the the "Reining" event. The riders took there horses through a certain routine without any noticeable tugging/pulling on their part. The most astonishing was when the horse was galloping at full speed ahead and was "reined" to a stop much like a man sliding into home base but only in a shorter distance. Amazing. Here are a few pictures.

I just discovered many of the pictures were too dark. Sorry.

The Slowest Loser, Week 9 Update

Okay, remember last week I didn't weigh in at an official meeting site; they were closed. So this week accounts for two weeks of loss...3.8 pounds. Whew!! Now I have lost a total of 13.4 lbs. That doesn't seem like much to me but due to the wisdom of the WW leader, I know that is a LOT. For the last two meetings she has passed around bags or sacks of can goods totalling various pounds. Last week the bag weighed 11.6. You won't believe how heavy that is until you try it.

Additionally, I passed a milestone - I've zoomed past my 5% weight-loss target. At various levels of success, WW awards the members with recognition and small tokens. Each week, members are recognized and applauded for losing 5 lbs. or simply resisting temptations or making lifestyle changes. My next big level of recognition is at 10% target, then 25 lbs. Other milestones are attendance for 16 weeks (indicating those who stay that long usually meet their goal weight), reaching goal and obtaining lifetime status. Corny, but reaching each level of recognition is a boost to my resolve. I am definitely on my way!!!

The leader always asks, "so what's working for you?" Good question. I always answer, " coming to meetings." Why? Accountability. I seem to need to answer to someone to make me stay on target.

Last week, I also enrolled in a community weight-loss/fitness challenge. We weighed and had our B/P, height, waist, and body fat recorded. Late in December, we get another set of readings to track our progress. There are several free exercise classes and coaching sessions, so no one has any excuse. I'm going to attend Zumba sessions on Tuesday and Friday, low-impact class on Thursday and aqua-fitness on Saturday. I'll walk on most days as far as my stiff knees will allow for now. I am so stoked for this. Stay tuned!!