Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just Keep Swimming

I swam 30 laps again last night. It didn't feel quite as good as before but it was still light-years ahead of what is now "the olden days." I attribute this new-found stamina to my diet change. There has been a drastic change in stiffness, or rather the lack of. It used to take me about a minute to adjust once I stood up from sitting a long time. Not so anymore. Hallelujah!! My co-workers were beginning to make old-folks type of comments.

Some of the recipes I have experimented with lately have been egg-less egg salad (with lots of tumeric to give it the deviled egg appearance), cauliflower couscous salad (bear in mind, there was no coucous in the salad; you process the cauliflower to look like couscous), tomato basil soup (yum-mo), and raw almond milk ( 1 cup of almonds made a little more than four cups of milk).

I will be learning how to post pictures along with recipes thanks to my daughter sending me her hand-me-down digital camera and to my patient friend, Danielle.

I will also be posting better pictures of me as I progress in my weight loss and improved health. Stay tuned.