Thursday, October 7, 2010

World Equestrian Games

Lexington hosted the WEG this year. I think this was the first time the games were held in the U.S. This city has been gearing up and gussying up for about two years. Streets were "remodeled" and replanted, the Kentucky Horse Park had a new indoor arena built and of course, businesses and hotels prepared to be overwhelmed. Well, we weren't overwhelmed but it has been interesting.

I was fortunate to get two tickets and chose to go the the "Reining" event. The riders took there horses through a certain routine without any noticeable tugging/pulling on their part. The most astonishing was when the horse was galloping at full speed ahead and was "reined" to a stop much like a man sliding into home base but only in a shorter distance. Amazing. Here are a few pictures.

I just discovered many of the pictures were too dark. Sorry.

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