Saturday, August 28, 2010

Memory is a Good Thing

A good friend of mine died this week. Whenever I thought of her this week, I smiled. She was a lot of fun. She was a blessing to me and my family. Today was her memorial. Late yesterday afternoon, one of her daughters asked me to speak; I was relunctant to do so. What on earth could I say that would do justice to her memory? Well, God is good. Some things came to me, I said them and I believe (especially after feedback) that I said all the right things.
We are blessed to have a memory because through memories the dead live on. I will miss my friend but she is still alive in me.

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Danielle said...

Memory is a good thing, as long as you have it! Some days I'm not so sure I have anything left up there amongst the cobwebs. I'm sure your speech (for lack of a better word) was heartfelt and very special.