Thursday, September 4, 2008

Okay, so back to me.
I am the middle child, whatever that means. I've read books about birth order and I still think I behave more like the oldest daughter than the middle child. My brother was the oldest; unfortunately, he died in August of 2008. So now, I'm the oldest. That is just too strange.
I have a "much younger" sister (her words, not mine; we are only 13 months apart in age) who is a journalist. She already blogs but this is all new to me.
My brother was an engineer and pretty much behaved like one. He was a computer geek of sorts, too. He was the hub of the family wheel, keeping everyone in touch with everyone else in the event of birthdays, anniversaries and the like. After his funeral, three of us decided we'd better step up to the plate. Hence, one reason for my blog.
My good friend Danielle just nudged me and told me I was falling behind with this blogging business, so I'm trying to do better.
Please stay tuned.


Colin's Mom said...

That's more like it! What were you thinking leaving a whole 3 days in between posts?! Clearly you weren't.

Hudson Russell said...

I am sure the end is soon now that BOTH my aunts are blogging. :)

What's mother blogging?