Saturday, November 14, 2009

October Vacation

This is my vacation in reverse. It's in reverse because when I'm importing pictures I find it hard to think about the last one I import will be the first to appear on this page. So there!!!
These first pics are of Carlos and Sue, my friends in Jacksonville. We're playing Scrabble and Dominos on this night and Carlos is pretty serious as you can see. He always wants to win. Sue helps him way too much. I think he won one and I won one before his sister, Agnes, showed up and walloped us good.

These next pics are of Charleston, SC. I've always imagined this as an ideal place to visit/live. I realized after I returned home that I hadn't taken many pics. I think I kept thinking I'll wait until I can get a better picture or angle. Alas, that didn't happen. So I have very few to show of that lovely place. There are a few of me in at the waterfront and my hotel room. The hotel room was quaint and beautiful. However, it was across the street from the main building and up two sets of stairs and down 1/2 flight to my room with no elevator. I would stay there again but just not on the second floor across the street. The name of hotel was Vendue Inn.

Should you decide to visit Charleston and take a tour I would recommend Gullah Tours. The guide is funny and excellent in narrative. He's been written up in Southern Living as well as other magazine. I had also taken a carriage tour (which is one reason why there should have been more pics) but this guy was heads above the rest; plus you got to see everything from an air-conditioned bus.

In this pic, we were at this famous iron worker's shop. That's Alphonso, the tour guide telling us a few tales. Go to for more pictures and information.

I recommend Charleston. The food is good and the city is a must see.

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