Monday, September 7, 2009

Diva Re' In Action

My daughter, Rejane, came to visit in August. What a woman she has turned out to be - very wise! It was a delight to have her home.
To the left is Re' and my nephew Jordan who came to church with us, just to spend time with her and hear her sing.

Here she is singing. Normally, no one sings unless he/she has practiced with the band and choir. But they know her and she cannot show up for church and not sing. Ain't happening.

Here she is with Pastor Don. He is so funny. He pronounces her name the way it is spelled, Re -Jane. He's just kidding; he just tries to keep up his country-boy image.

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Colin's Mom said...

There's nothing "country boy" about Pastor Don's hair! Great pictures and I'm so glad to finally put a face with the name with Ant Bettye.