Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yard in Bloom

Here's what the yard and porch look like at the end of July. My house plants are thriving on the front porch where they get morning sun and afternoon shade. The two hanging chimes are new; my old one finally bit the dust. I just love the sounds of these guys; they are manufactured in the keys of E and C. They sing to me.

Here are the painted rockers again. I just love the color.

These lilies were a gift from a friend because she doesn't like this type; her loss, my gain. Note, they are so tall that they come to the top of the deck rail.

This is one bed with chard, green beans and herbs. I let dill and cilantro go to bloom so I had to pull them up and start over. I really miss the cilantro.

This bed just has beets right now. I had just pulled out spent green bean plants.

And finally, tomatoes, bell peppers and yellow squash. I am really disappointed in the pepper plants; they bloomed but have not produced peppers yet. I have cherry, plum, heirloom and yellow tomatoes. YUM.

My roses and crepe myrtle are showing off. It's okay, beauty is hard to hide.

These guys are volunteers. If I had planted them they would not have done well. Normally, I sow cosmos here but I didn't get to it this year.

I love my yard. I am so blessed to be surrounded by beauty and bounty.

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