Sunday, June 21, 2009

God is Up to Something

A few months ago I started this blog with a number of the initial posts concerning scriptures. Well, that theme is returning. Not to say I won't write about my garden, my daughter, a birthday cake that took two days to make or some other random thought. But today, it's all about Him.

Last week during church service, I went up on stage during praise and worship to seek permission from my pastor's wife to give a word I believe the Lord wanted me to share. It concerned His name, who He said He was.  Remember in Exodus when Moses was talking to God and he asked God how he would answer when the people of Israel asked who sent him (Moses) to rescue them? God said tell them, "I Am." Well, that's what I encouraged the congregation remember that's who God is. He's not an I Was God, although He was; He's not an I Will Be God, although He will be. He is an I Am God, ever present. Later, as church was letting out, my pastor's wife announced I would be speaking on Wednesday night. You could have scooped me up with a shovel!

Well, on Wednesday, I just shared how simply God communicates with me and gave examples from over the last 24 years. So many people have told me, giving specific examples, of how the message helped them.

Well, today, I felt He wanted me to exhort the body once again. This time the message was on how we would behave if we really believed what God says in His word. I related it to a frustrated and easily riled co-worker who vented about dealing with long delays in refinancing his mortgage. I went over to his desk and just said, "you are getting upset because you don't believe you'll win." He got the message instantly. And the congregation got it today, as well. When God says, the battle is His and the victory is ours, it's the truth. Christians have to start behaving like victors not victims.

I don't know specifically what God is doing but I definitely know He's up to something. As my friend Sam said, I went for years barely speaking in church and now I've spoken three times in a week. Wonders will never cease.

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Colin's Mom said...

Look out, driven woman on the loose! Did our coworker internalize what you said or just agree that you had a point? That one's an ongoing battle.