Monday, May 11, 2009

Gardening Update

I thought you'd like to see how my garden in growing. In this box are the leaf vegetables(swiss chard, spinach, mesculin mix and romaine) along with herbs. That's dill and cilantro to the left of the lettuces; just below the cilantro you are not able to see basil and parsley but they are there. My photographer is a novice but free.

Tomato and pepper plants are in this box. I am considering planting zucchini here also.

To the left of the box are red knockout roses which are just beginning to bloom. One week from now, they are going to be absolutely gorgeous.

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Colin's Mom said...

How does your garden grow?! Quite well I see. It's like your little kids growing up - I relate everything to children. It sure looks like there's enough lettuce there for you and I to have a salad! Oh and my dad has you an heirloom tomato plant if you're interested.

Missed you today but I'm sure you enjoyed the start to your vacation.