Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break, Part One

My daughter came home for spring break but before coming she gave me her menu requests: cranberry bran muffins, cheese and salami loaf, and quiche. Keep in mind she is capable of cooking these things for herself. Alas, what's a mother to do? I guess it just tastes better if mom cooks it.

She brought a friend home with her - Jessica, who is originally from Columbia (the country not the city in Kentucky). Jessica is just a slip of a woman as you can see.

I took off the Friday before and the Monday after she came. I made the muffins on Friday, cooked paella for a welcome home party on Saturday and made the s&c loaf on Monday. Anyway, Jessica wanted to see a few sites around town on Monday, but everyone was moving really slowly Monday morning. So while I was waiting for them to get ready I made one loaf. After spending most of the day site-seeing and getting pedicures, we returned home. While I had my back turned making a salad, the two young ladies ate nearly all of the loaf. I barely got a slice. Jessica who is just a slip of a woman, ate the most!!! Oh well, I take that as a compliment. I had to make another loaf that night.

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